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..ooOO Why Hello Thar OOoo..


This journal is for my personal posts, photo posts, and random blurb.

I am not the most interesting person in the world, but people are very welcome to add me. I just want to know who is reading my stuff, hence why it is locked from public view :]

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24th May, 2007 21:29 (UTC)
hello, I am stephanie's friend u sounded cool so i decided to add you...
24th May, 2007 21:56 (UTC)
no problem :]
15th Aug, 2007 17:06 (UTC)
hello ^_^
I just added you as a friend, you seem really interesting, I hope you don't mind, can you add me back?
15th Aug, 2007 17:38 (UTC)
Re: hello ^_^
Done and done :]
20th Sep, 2007 23:22 (UTC)
Hello :) We share a love of a few things...among them, Scotland, cute things...and especially Tokidoki! I was just looking at your Shopping Journal and loving your collection! I've yet to post pics of mine, but I started mine in June with a Canguro in Citti Rosa for our trip. I was grabbed by the functionality at first, it's awesome, but then the cuteness, gaaaaah! I can't afford it but couldn't resist and got a got a Stellina in Paradiso on the way back from the trip and just got a Trasporto Denaro and Gioco Pirata from eBay last week. Love 'em! Hope you don't mind adding me back. :)
21st Sep, 2007 14:57 (UTC)
Hey, course I will add you back! I can't afford toki either, but the money isn't an important factor if you never look at your bank balance XD

Sounds like you have a super cute collection too, I would love to see pictures one day! :D
22nd Sep, 2007 00:54 (UTC)

'tis true...I only want to cry when I look at my bank account, so I shouldn't look! If only I weren't thoroughly addicted to perfume and jewellery as well!

I will definitely try to post some pics of the collection soonish...I just want to add a Zucca to it first! :P
22nd Sep, 2007 16:13 (UTC)
Hehe I can't even look or I would cry too! Luckily I only seem to splurge on handbags. Purfumes are great, but I can't afford to buy many.

Ah I love zuccas, I only have one which is in pirata and hoping for a vacanze one. what print are you thinking of getting one in?
23rd Sep, 2007 14:36 (UTC)
I buy all sorts of perfumes, a heap from a range of small perfume oil companies...they're loads cheaper (but still brilliant quality) but have loads of choices, so I end up buying more of them!

The Zucca I'm thinking of getting in Trasporto, but I don't want too many of the buses or hot air balloons on it. The Vacanze one looks great too...ahhhh, I think I want another Stellina too! :P
23rd Sep, 2007 16:17 (UTC)
I like trasporto, I want a corriere in it (in my dreams) I gave my campeggio to my mum as I didn't like the placement. The vacanze looks super cute, I just hope I can afford it when it comes out :/ stellinas are great as well! Tokidoki for LeSportsac is is a never ending addiction!
16th Mar, 2008 16:58 (UTC)
Hey Laura. It's me Stephanie. I deleted my other account yesterday. I transferred some of my entries onto this one. I hope it's okay if I add you. :D
17th Mar, 2008 18:14 (UTC)
hey, sure I added you back. I knew you were getting a new journal but I wasn't sure what your new username would be to be able to add you without you adding me first :]

Edited at 2008-03-17 18:15 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
10th Jun, 2008 15:28 (UTC)
Re: can I be your friend?
Hehe, of course you can be added :]
23rd Jun, 2008 01:06 (UTC)
Hiya was just clicking around and came across your LJ! Do you mind if I add you? I love Tokidoki, have very expensive tastes and am currently saving for an LV speedy!
23rd Jun, 2008 01:25 (UTC)
Course you you can be a friend :D

I can't wait to get some LV, Hope your saving is going OK!
(Deleted comment)
9th Aug, 2008 20:54 (UTC)
Re: hey
Hmmmmm I pick.......... YOU :D
24th Aug, 2008 22:23 (UTC)
Hi... this is absolutpink from TPF!
24th Aug, 2008 22:51 (UTC)
Hi! It is nice to hear from tPF ladies :]
3rd Nov, 2008 08:48 (UTC)
Saw you pretty randomly over at Facebook (I don't even check it out often at all XD), and I find you pretty interesting! Hope you don't mind me adding you?...
3rd Nov, 2008 09:34 (UTC)
Wow that is pretty random, hehe. No, it is absolutely fine. Added back :]
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